Captain America's 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

With every new MCU film that was released over the years, a new Captain America suit would be featured in Steve Rogers’ appearances. Most of these would be variations of his established suit, but this routine change was something that held interest for fans. It's neat to compare his newer costume with the older ones.

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Now that Avengers: Endgame has finally arrived, let's look back at his costumes and see which ones are the best. For this list, we’ve considered comic book costumes as well, and placed heavy emphasis on the appeal of these suits to the general public. This means that people who wear these suits for events like Comic Con or Halloween have influenced the ranking. We’ve also considered the uses of the suits for stealth and fighting purposes.

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10 The USO Uniform

Oh, yes. This costume is considered a favorite because it was the first one we got to see, back in Captain America: The First Avenger. Up until that point, we’d been waiting to see Steve Rogers turn up in costume, and even this glimpse brought the fans’ squeals of delight.

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Additionally, the USO costume is a favorite for people who like to dress up as Captain America, as it is much easier to make than the rest of them. When the MCU wants to illustrate that Steve Rogers has always been a good man at heart, they show us this simpler version of the suit (and we fall in love with the character all over again). It's cheesy, sure, but not without real meaning attached to it.

9 "The Avengers" Version

You know, this suit gets a lot of unfair flak for not being edgy enough. Back in 2012, though, this suit made us believe Captain America was a larger-than-life figure and a man out-of-time. The costume itself isn’t bad, as it’s meant to represent the spirit of being Captain America.

This outfit makes you believe that Steve Rogers is the one who makes the suit what it is, not the other way around. Plus, it carries a nostalgia factor for being the first Captain America suit in an Avengers movie. If you want to feel like Captain America, this suit is a great option, since it’s a bold representation of what embodies him. Is this suit the best ever? Not really, but it's not too shabby either.

8 Field Uniform

Having Captain America arrive from the trenches with his war buddies would never have been significant enough, had the man himself not looked the part. It was at this point that Steve Rogers had officially become the fighting man he’d always wanted to be, and this field uniform perfectly illustrates that.

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It shows off the Captain America essence, with the helmet and the hint of his suit from behind the coat, but also proves he’s a man underneath – a man willing to dive in headfirst into battle. If someone wants to feel like the real deal in front of the ladies, then this field uniform will do just the trick. The only drawback would be not being able to show off the Cap colors, but that's a personal choice.

7 Red Costume

This costume is branded as the “Red” costume, and looking at it evokes all kinds of feelings. First of all, from a purely physical standpoint, it makes Captain America look like an absolute beast, someone you just don't want to mess with.

It also is a suit that seems to empower the hero. Not in a literal sense, perhaps, but it makes you believe he can go toe-to-toe with someone like Thanos (and walk away, too). This is the suit to wear to the most formidable of missions.

6 The Infiltration Suit

There’s something about this infiltration suit that you can’t put your finger on. It seems almost out of character for a Captain America suit, as it doesn’t feature the level of vibrancy and color that’s usually present. That's the point with this outfit, though: it's for taking a stealthier approach.

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There’s no doubt that suit is cool, though, as it presents a different side to the hero. We’re used to him being strong enough to fight his way through any situation, and this one adds a layer of tactics and espionage to him. It’s a bit heavy due to the number of add-ons, but they serve a purpose.

5 Exoskeleton Suit

Comic book fans salivated when they saw this suit being presented to the hero. It’s a shame we haven't seen it in the MCU, as an exoskeleton suit designed by Iron Man was something up there on our wishlists (along with wanting Captain America to Thor's hammer).

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This suit went all-out with its destructive potential, having missile launchers placed within to destroy anything in his way. There were also sheaths designs for Cap to make use of in combat, and the suit itself was metallic, which meant harming him by normal means was out of the question. It’s an awesome suit, but misses out on the top spots for not being as iconic.

4 Base Level Cap

Speaking of iconic, this version of the suit is the one we see him in for the most part in the MCU, and it was fitting that a variation of it was used in Avengers: Endgame.

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Whenever you think of Captain America, you think of the man wearing this suit. It’s tough, durable, and embodies the colors of the nation the hero hails from. There aren’t any add-ons, but we all would like to wear this suit at least once to have the feel of what it could be like become Captain America ourselves.

3 Classic Captain

For those who have followed the superhero since before his debut in the MCU, this classic will probably be the most meaningful. After all, before 2011, this suit was the one that sprang to mind whenever we heard mention of Steve Rogers.

The suit itself is a classic, due to having colors that hark back to the 1940s. The iconic feathers were a touch that everyone replicated when trying to make a Captain America suit, since it was the most distinguishable feature about the costume. It’s become slightly dated because of the MCU, but it’s the longest-lasting suit from the classic era that is still mentioned.

2 Fugitive Uniform

How cool did Captain America look when we first saw him in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War? It all had to do with the superhero’s new image, which reflected his status as a fugitive. The suit represented the darkness of his position, as he was a vigilante who paid no attention to any sanctions he'd followed up to this point.

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Powered by two vibranium shields on each forearm, this suit made Steve Roger look like an absolute badass who didn’t need any helmet or additional gear to fight hundreds of Outriders. To complete the look, one would need to grow and maintain their hair, too, and feel like a nomad who can turn the tide of any battle.

1 Stealth Suit

People wanted Captain America to have a cooler suit than the one in The Avengers, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier blew fans' minds with this stealth suit, which is most definitely the greatest one he’s ever worn.

This suit also seeks to show Steve Rogers that a defender of the Earth, not just a single country. It’s slick, quick, and faster than any other he’s ever worn. The suit is best for stealth, which means taking out enemies with your smarts by utilizing your strength. It’s the one everyone wants to wear, with many T-shirts and so much merchandise made in its image, due to the worldwide appeal it has. There’s no beating the stealth suit in terms of the coolness factor, and it's versatile enough to use in all conditions.

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