"Captain America" Artist Paul Renaud Shares Peek of Returned Steve Rogers

America's premiere super-soldier is headed back into action after some age and plot-related R&R, and now Marvel fans have an early look at pages featuring the returned Steve Rogers courtesy the artist behind "Captain America: Sam Wilson."

In a Tumblr post shared Saturday night, penciller Paul Renaud revealed a image featuring Sam Wilson's Cap, Bucky/The Winter Soldier, and, most notably, the original 98-lbs-weakling-turned-champion-of-Truth-Justice-and-the-American-Way, Steve Rogers, restored to his youth after the Super-Soldier Serum responsible for his vitality was previously drained from him, leaving him an aged veteran better suited to dispatch than field work. In the new art, Captain Rogers looks every bit ready to return to the battlefront, and very capable of handling his trademark shield.

The return of Steve Rogers to the mantle of Captain America was previously announced in January, following a run with the former Falcon, Sam Wilson, as the sole bearer of the star-spangled shield.

With Cap set to once again grace the big screen in May's "Captain America: Civil War," the restoration is no surprise to long-time comic readers, but what may not have been foreseen is that the "Captain America: Sam Wilson" series will remain ongoing, giving Marvel two Caps. Renaud has been pencilling the "Sam Wilson" series, written by Nick Spencer, who will also pen the "Captain America: Steve Rogers" series, which will feature artwork by Jesus Saiz.

Rogers' return has been said to occur during the "Avengers: Standoff" crossover, prior to the "Civil War II" comic event, and is a part of Marvel's 75 anniversary celebration of the patriotic character. Check back CBR for all the latest on Marvel's "Captain America" comic plans, as well as news regarding "Captain America: Civil War," starring Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., directed by the Russo brothers, arriving in theaters May 6.

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