In Captain America #700, Steve Rogers is King of the USA, Until He [REDACTED]


WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Captain America #700, by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, in stores now.

Nine years ago, Marvel's Captain America reached the milestone issue of #600. Prior to the release of the issue, Steve Rogers was believed to be dead by all, a casualty from the superhero civil war. That issue was a celebration of the character's legacy, and an examination of how Cap was perceived by others in the wake of his loss, from heroes and villains to the general public.

Then, it all culminated in the revelation that Steve Rogers was, somehow, still alive.

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Nearly a decade later, the Captain America title once again reaches a milestone with issue #700, this time under the watch of the creative team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee. And, whether intentional or not, the issue serves as a bookend to a story told 100 issues ago. This time, however, Captain America is the main character for the entire issue, and rather than being revealed to be alive, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the world, and the nation he fights for.

Yep - Captain America dies. For real, and yet...

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