Captain America #25 Review

Well, I guess we might as well discuss it, no? Spoilers away!

This is an interesting example in media hype, in the sense that, if it were not for the publicity surrounding this issue, you wouldn't really think that this issue was anything more than a standard Captain America issue.

Yes, Captain America dies in the issue, but when you're dealing with Doctor Faustus, who previously faked Sharon Carter's death, how could you possibly think it is "for real" death.

Also, remember that this is the same writer who, after he faked Foggy Nelson's death, said in the letter columns of Daredevil, "Come on, you didn't really think I'd kill Foggy, did you?" So it really doesn't make any sense to say THAT and then go off and kill Steve Rogers "for real," does it?

Anyhow, as a fake death, the issue is done well.

Brubaker has been doing a real action-packed style of comic here, and this issue is not exception, as it reads like an episode of 24, with Cap's friends coming up with ways to break him free, while Cap's enemies are coming up with ways to screw him over (ostensibly, Red Skull and Doctor Faustus are planning on killing him, but come on, what kind of plot is THAT?).

Early in the issue, Nick Fury is clearly planning on faking Cap's death, but Brubaker does a nice job of showing us, "Yeah, they were planning on FAKING it, but here is the 'real' thing."

Throughout the issue, Brubaker mixes in flashbacks courtesy of the five major characters - Cap, Falcon, Fury, Sharon Carter and Bucky, showing the impact Captain America had on them. Very nicely done.

Steve Epting's artwork was strong, especially on the flashback sequences. It is always nice to see photorealistic artwork that actually has some HEART to it.

The reaction of Cap's friends to his death was great, with Bucky and Falcon having an awesome team-up sequence, and Sharon dealing with a nice twist involving HER role in Cap's death.

If it were not for the hype and the declaration of Cap dying and his obituary being in the paper, this issue would just be a normal, interesting issue of Captain America.

And I cannot blame Brubaker for the hype, can I?

So I would recommend this issue.

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