Captain America 2 D.C. Set Video, Plus Tidbits From Atwell & Cooper

Captain America is a man out of time: He'll do whatever it takes to do what's right, but he doesn't ever truly feel comfortable in this world. That's been one of the keys to the character since he was thawed out in 1963's The Avengers #4. While his first big-screen outing, Captain America: The First Avenger, focused on Steve Rogers' World War II origins, Joss Whedon delved "out-of-time" theme in The Avengers. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo will further explore those elements in next year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Although the Marvel sequel will be primarily set in the modern day, you can't fully remove Cap from his earlier career. Reports went back and forth about whether his WWII love interest Peggy Carter would make a return with this sequel, but actress Hayley Atwell is indeed set to reprise her role. She reaffirmed as much to The Big Issue, while also providing confirmation of the previously hinted "Marvel One-Shot" short.

“Fans of the first film really wanted to find out what happened to Peggy afterwards, so Marvel are also making a short film, which is basically ‘What Peggy Did Next,' which will be shown at Comic-Con and be on the DVD extras of the second film," Atwell revealed.

Peggy won't be the only person from Cap's past to appear in the sequel. Dominic Cooper, who played Howard Stark, also coyly half-confirmed his return to the franchise. "Well ... It's hard to say," he told Total Film (via ComicBookMovie). "I've worn the costume again. But whether they just had me put it on as a joke, I don't know. [laughs] It was good fun getting back into it and he's got some very cool shades now, but who knows..." It seems unlikely that a huge blockbuster-in-the-making would play a joke like that. Perhaps Cooper and Atwell are working together on that short film.

But Winter Soldier isn't all flashbacks. Most of the film is set in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe and deals with Cap trying to stop and save his one-time partner Bucky, who has been turned into the bionic assassin the Winter Soldier. Evans' Steve Robers will be working with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson/the Falcon to stop him. Footage of the trio filming while in Washington, D.C., has surfaced from fans and local news stations (via SuperHeroHype).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4, 2014.

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