Capsule Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Incredible Hercules, Immortal Iron Fist, Vikings

This'll pretty much be it for the reviews from me this week. Maybe. I think I've clogged up the basepaths enough. Before I relenquish the floor to Burgas, I have a few more comics I want to talk about.

Amazing Spider-Man #592- Despite the horror of the geriatric booty call on the last page, which I have already mentioned, this was a fun issue. Mark Waid's work on ASM so far has been one of the highlights of the weekly run, and he maintains that standard. Of course, I could read stories where Spidey busts JJJ's balls all day, so your milage may very, especially considering how well you handle the whole "old people screwing" thing. Me, I've already repressed that page, so I can say that Mike McKone's art was also excellent without throwing up in my mouth at all.

Ghost Rider #34- Jason Aaron ressurects a character from U.S. 1 in this issue and calls it his greatest gift to mankind in the letters page. Tony Moore draws a pretty rad fight scene between said character and Danny Ketch. That is all the people need to know.

Incredible Hercules #128- The art was a little rough in spots, but the script made this issue the usual, which means it was a blast and easily my favorite monthly (at least as long as Casanova's still on hiatus). Beyond the childlike (childish) glee I got from Hercules treating the Sentry like the tool he is, I just really enjoyed all of the various character moments during the big fight, and Cho's clever idea to get the Dark Avengers off their backs. Speaking of which, I really love the way Osbron's written here. Not enough to buy Dark Avengers, but I do enjoy it when he pops up in books like this and Agents of Atlas.

Immortal Iron Fist #25- This issue has a pretty clever twist, some cool sequences, a beautiful flashback from Juan Doe, and a good cliffhanger. And I barely care. I have no idea why, other than that the book's been losing me for a while now, after I was initially very impressed by the new creative team. I'll stick out the end of the arc, but no promises after that (provided it isn't being cancelled).

Vikings #1- Hey, how'd this slip in with all the superhero comics? I was intrigued by the format of the comic itself (it's larger than your average single), and since my shop hasn't carried Northlanders, there's a real pillager shaped hole in my heart. Well, that and it's a rare $2.99 first issue. Helps with the whole impulse purchase thing.

It's a good first issue. Writer Ivan Brandon establishes the players pretty well and Nick Klein's art is really interesting and eclectic without obscuring what's going on in the story (for the most part; the opening scene's a little muddled). I really like his use of color, for instance.

The dialogue may irk people who don't like anachronisms, but otherwise, I'd say this is worth a look if you're at all interested in pillaging norsemen, redheaded girl archers and the bears that accost them, or token creator owned comics bloggers throw in their pile to feel less bad about buying GI Joe noir and anything Greg Land draws.

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