Capital City Comic Con apologizes for inappropriate flier

Organizers of the inaugural Capital City Comic Con in Austin, Texas, have apologized for a criticized promotional flier that depicts a close-up of Power Girl's breasts with the slogan, "Everything is BIGGER in Austin," saying, "We want everyone to feel safe at our convention and not feel offended."

"In response to our prior ad campaign, the proper steps are being taken in regards to this situation," reads a statement posted early Sunday on the event's Facebook page. "Capital City Comic Con did not mean to offend or harm anyone, in any way. Our advertising department has been contacted and changes to our marketing material and plan are being made. [...] As for our future plans, we will no longer use the image of superheroes (or any character) in such fashion. We wish to apologize to anyone we may have offended with our initial promotional campaign."

Richard Neal, owner of Zeus Comics in Dallas, drew attention to the flier on Saturday with a Twitter post in which he wrote, "The worst. Do I simply not put the flyers on my counter? Or do I contact the show & ask for a different flyer?"

The image, and the accompanying criticism, quickly spread on social media, leading to an initial response from the convention that landed with a resounding thud: Confronted on Facebook about the "massively inappropriate and misogynist fliers," a representative dismissively replied, "It's one of many promotional fliers for the con. I like the idea of reaching out to many aspects of the community, and honestly this was one of more humor oriented ones. And if this bothers you, I have to wonder if you've even been to a comic con?"

In the comments thread following Sunday's apology, the convention's promoter explained that the "Ad person and person who replied no longer are part of my staff. It was my fault for letting others use my account."

Planned for July 11-13, Capital City Comic Con features a lineup that includes Kevin Eastman, Bernie Wrightson, Joe Benitez and Dave Dorman.

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