Caped #1

Story by
Art by
Yair Herrera
Colors by
Renato Faccini
Letters by
Johnny Lowe
Cover by
BOOM! Studios

Hey! Look, kids! It's another comic that peels back that superhero curtain so we can see what self-centered jerks they really are! But, this time, it's through the lens of personal assistants! So it's totally new and original! Right? Well... no. Not even close.

How is "Caped" cliched? Superhero who the world loves, but is really a giant asshole? That would be the Edge, a Batman-like hero with a Clark Kent-like secret identity, which also fulfills the requisite 'archetypal superhero rip-off characters' part of the book. An innocent, naïve newcomer who just can't believe his eyes? Meet Jimmy Lohman, a wannabe journalist whose need for a job accidentally lands him the position as the Edge's newest assistant. He looks up to and admires superheroes and is just ever so shocked to learn the truth.

The lack of originality in concept could be overlooked if the execution brought anything new to the table, but Jimmy is such a blank, generic character that his story doesn't really pull you in. The Edge is just another jerk superhero with no real discernible personality beyond egotism, selfishness and idiocy.

The art of Yair Herrera is the only real reason to read this book since it's rather nice to look at. In some spots, it's generic, but his cartooning skills show a lot of promise. Take the splash page shown in the preview of the issue: the way he's constructed the image so your eye goes from Jimmy to the criminal to the Edge is nice, as are the small touches on each that give us insight into the characters. His storytelling is strong most of the time, but his crowd scenes lack detail, particularly when we get our first glimpse of the League, the premier superhero group of this world.

Have you read "Brat Pack" or "The Boys"? Then you've read "Caped," except with more wit and entertainment value. The high concept here has promise, but the execution is nothing new and very bland.

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