Official Press Release

May 3- Don't miss FOX4's Good Day Dallas on Thursday May 4 for your chanceto meet Will Lloyd, one of the top artists at Lunar Comics – he's going totell you all about CAPE! Tune in to see Will turn Tim, Megan and othersinto superheroes. How will he do it? Learn his secret by turning to FOX4between 8:30 and 9am tomorrow morning!

And be sure to visit CAPE! this Saturday, May 6th 10 am - 6 pm in TurtleCreek Village at 3878 Oaklawn Ave, in Dallas. It's free for everyone. We'llbe giving away 5000 free comic books along with 500 kid gift bags. Over 60artists, writers and talent from around the globe will be in attendance tosign comics books and do sketches. Don't forget the raffle for lots of coolprizes including original art work, DVDs, gift certificates and more.

CAPE! is brought to you by Zeus Toys and Comics, PVPonline, Fan Boy Radioand Popsyndicate.com. Go to www.zeuscomics.com for more information and fora complete list of guests and activities.

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