Can't Wait For <i>The Walking Dead</i>? Watch 'Cold Storage' Web Series

As promised, AMC has launched "Cold Storage," a four-episode web series to whet our appetites for the Oct. 14 season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Directed and produced by Greg Nicotero, co-executive producer and makeup effects guru for The Walking Dead, the four five-minute shorts tell the story of Chase (played by Josh Stewart of The Dark Knight Rises), a young man trying to reach his sister in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. He finds temporary shelter in a storage facility run by BJ (Daniel Roebuck if Lost). However, he soon finds out that things are not what they appear.

"Cold Storage" is the second Walking Dead web series. The first, "Torn Apart," debuted in October 2011 and told the backstory of the "Bicycle Girl," the tragic walker Rick Grimes encountered in the show's premiere. Watch all four episodes of "Cold Storage" below.

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