Can't Choose Sides? Marvel's TL;DR Untangles Civil War

After first delving into "Planet Hulk," Marvel Comics is now turning its attention to the 2006-2007 crossover "Civil War" in the latest installment of "TL; DR." If even after a decade you're still not sure whose side you're on, this video may help.

Written, directed by narrated by Noah Sterling, this new animated web series aims to make the publisher's sprawling, and occasionally convoluted, storylines accessible to new readers.

Clocking in at four and a half minutes, the video employs simplified lightly animated art by Mike Becker instead of the original comic pages to cover the basic plot. As you might expect, the episode is also full of spoilers for the decade-old "Civil War."

Once readers have caught up on "Civil War," they will be ready to indulge in its recent sequel "Civil War II," although that takes place in the new continuity created after the events of the massive 2015 "Secret Wars" crossover (not to be confused with the original 1984-5 "Secret Wars" crossover series or its 1985-6 sequel "Secret Wars II"). The 2015 "Secret Wars" managed to merge the core Earth-616 Marvel Universe with various other parallel universes created over the years.

Um, guys? I think I have an idea for the next "TL;DR" video ...

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