"Cannon Busters" Spawned by Devil's Due

Official Press Release

Devil's Due Publishing has completed negotiations to publish its newest creator-owned comic series, */Cannon Busters/*, a hip, steam-punk action-adventure created by LeSean Thomas (/TMNT//, Arkanium, and Disney's Kim Possible /artist).Udon Entertainment will assist in producing the book with Thomas.

"I think this is a perfect fit," says Thomas, who went through negotiations with various companies such as Dreamwave Productions, ComX, and Image Comics before settling with Devil's Due. It's been a tough road for this project, but it's finally where I think it belongs. Erik Ko, Adam Fortier and the folks at Devil's Due have shown great enthusiasm for the project and seem to have a great understanding for what I'm trying to do. With Udon in the mix, it will shine like it's supposed to."

In addition to creating the book, Thomas will write and pencil "Cannon Busters". Acclaimed indy writer J. Torres will co-script the funky action-adventure. Superstars Ed McGuinness, Keron Grant and Skottie Young are among a few of the artists who will provide guest covers.

*Cannon Busters #0*, a Con-Exclusive premier issue, will hit the summer conventions, including San Diego ComicCon and Wizard World Chicago featuring a guest teaser story by Corey Lewis and an 8-page sketchbook featuring concept art by the collaborative designer, Corey Lewis. The first issue of the bi-monthly series will be in comic stores in November 2004. Josh Blaylock, President of Devil's Due, has nothing but words of encouragement for Thomas and the new series. "Devil's Due Publishing began with creator owned material and we always felt strongly that the industry needs new talented voices to be heard. LeSean Thomas has a strong creative package put together for Cannon Busters, and I am happy to help the project be seen."

Visit www.cannonbusters.com for future news this project.Also visit www.devilsdue.net for more information about Devil's Due Publishing, and the wide variety of entertaining comic books they offer. *Pop culture IS our culture.*

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