How Netflix's Cannon Busters Sets Up Season 2

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Season 1 of Cannon Busters, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Cannon Busters adapts LeSean Thomas' 2005 comic, which only lasted three issues, and expands its concept of a full-blown Western universe in outer space.

Taking influence from the likes of Cowboy Bebop, the 12 episodes of Season 1 detail Philly the Kid's journey as he helps a couple robots he picked up, SAM and Casey, in finding Prince Kelby following a coup at the kingdom of Botica.

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This was led by the mage, Emperor Locke, who dispatches various crews to hunt the prince and kill anyone that stands in the way of this mission.

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By the time the two-part season finale, "Innocence Lost," rolls around, though, unlikely allegiances are made in order to restore normalcy across the kingdom and its affiliated realms.


SAM, Casey and Philly have a series of wild, wacky adventures as they roam from city to city en route to Gara's Keep, a military stronghold Kelby was sent to.

Kelby is being escorted there on a separate mission by his bodyguard, Odin, picking up a rival tribeswoman from Kalah named Hilda along the way. At Gara's Keep, though, a huge brawl ensues with Hilda betraying the heroes, only to die as she tries to redeem herself.

Odin, Philly and the others proceed to defeat Locke's soldiers, with the drunk Ronin, 9ine, also joining them after feeling a sense of obligation to Philly's crew (as he was trying to atone for his past as an assassin).

With Locke's legion fleeing after SAM turns into the giant weapon known as the Cannon Buster, the heroes pick up a win and form a fellowship, ready to head to Botica to depose Locke for the better of the realm.

It's not going to be easy, though, because just before this victory, Philly tried to kill Kelby and we saw teases of Botica's guards murdering Philly's family a decade or so prior. This could have been a ruse or a legion co-opted by Locke to make Kelby's family look bad, but either way, we expect tension as this heroic squad might not trust each other fully.


Fans are also eager to see which demon granted Philly his immortality so he could exact revenge, with speculation suggesting it might be Locke. This means Philly could once more be prepared to turn on his friends should he be reminded about his bloody childhood.

As a kid, we're not surprised he'd strike such a deal as he was fleeing death, and the show has cleverly avoided showing who offered Philly these powers and why, so that veil of secrecy has folks theorizing a lot.

Either way, it's clear Philly's crossed paths with key magical beings thought to be extinct, making him valuable in the war to come. There could even be more gifted humans like him out there, as well as a lot more supernatural forces with vendettas against Botica, which means Locke may actually be the one with allies in the battles to come.

SAM's also revealed to be a mech-like weapon a la the Death Star (aka a Cannon Buster); a form of magic and technology no longer seen. Bulgher decommissioned these "golems" as they were too powerful as instruments of destruction, so some may have been stockpiled or hidden as robots across the kingdoms.

With the truth about Sam out in the open, we could see more Cannon Busters being found and used by the heroes, as well as Locke himself using his dark powers to weaponize some of his own.


Locke admits he's actually the bastard son of Kelby's dad, King Bulgher. The king left him and his mother behind, opting to fulfil his royal duties with Kelby's mother, who gave birth to this prince years later. Locke killed the king after his forces took over, though, in a stroke of contempt taken straight from Game of Thrones.

It's obvious he wants Kelby taken off the table because he has a legitimate claim to the throne, but we're not sure why Locke wants to kill him himself. Due to his mystical powers, some theorists believe Locke (who looks like a giant troll) may want to switch his soul into Kelby's body, which is why his goons have treated the boy like a sacred vessel.

Either way, Kelby -- infuriated when he heard Bulgher was slaughtered -- wants his throne back, while Odin's also looking to depose the man who killed his leader.

What's intriguing is Hilda admitted other tribes, some of whom have been exiled from Botica and others from various kingdoms, may be willing to join their cause, although she couldn't say who because many people were ticked off Bulgher outlawed magic back in the day.

We expect other kingdoms to get involved anyway because Botica does hold say over how they run, which means some might resist Locke's rule while others may align with the dictator.

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9ine helps Philly, SAM and Casey early on in the series as he hated seeing such a young squad running afoul of tyrants. Sadly, because of his alcoholism, he's a liability. However, his flashbacks showed he belonged to the Red Ronins, a gang of assassins who killed and collected any and every bounty there. He left the order after he got tired of war, more so from killing children.

This season sees his own team putting out a hit on him, but he convinces the mysterious assassin, 12welve, (because of their shady past) to spare his life. She refused to kill him but wouldn't leave to join him either, as clues were dropped they were actually in love years ago until a mission which ended with several children being killed.

Nonetheless, 12welve could pay for this act of mercy, which might trigger 9ine to hunt his former clan down in revenge. He won't have to look far and wide, though, as the Red Ronins will be coming for him as they made it clear no one abandons them and lives to tell about it.

This will be more than a side mission, though, and the fellowship could stand to lose a lot fighting off these bloodthirsty warriors.

Created by LeSean Thomas, Cannon Busters is now available to stream on Netflix.

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