Cannon Busters: Philly the Kid's Most Gruesome Deaths, Ranked

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Cannon Busters, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Cannon Busters focuses on Philly the Kid, an immortal gunslinger and outlaw who made a deal with a mysterious demon. He's destined to die and be reborn until he avenges the tyrants in the kingdom of Botica who murdered his family.

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With every death, though, the number of times he perishes gets tattooed mystically on his skin. Done in the vein of Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars, the show has some brutal ways it kills its star gunman, the most gruesome of which we've ranked, from bad to worst, below.

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In the second episode, "Grifters Gonna Grift," Philly and his entourage -- the bots, Casey and SAM -- break down in his vehicle, Bessie, in the Wastelands. There, they head to a bar run by Mama Hitch and her inbred sons, Joe and Bob, and their sister, Syrena for aid. Things take a dark turn as Syrena lures Philly inside while the brothers try to scrap the bots, leading to an unsuspecting Philly ingesting a lethal drink.

After trying to seduce her, he starts coughing up blood and bits of his insides. He's been poisoned and as he dies, he's taken inside for Mama Hitch to gut as they're really cannibals. Luckily, he escapes after resurrecting, but despite taking the family out, he still can't shake Hitch's torture room from his mind, which was filled with bodies and limbs.


In Episode 10, "Squeaking Springs Afternoon," Philly meets a young kid at the local tavern named Jojo. He's quite chipper until Philly realizes he's not a boy and he's not young. Jojo is a psycho humanoid whose hands can turn into a pistol, and he wants Philly's head on a block as bounties are out on the immortal.

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Jojo and Philly engage in a couple of shoot-outs here, but their very first meeting sees Jojo pumping him full of lead in a scene you'd expect to come right out of a Martin Scorsese film. Seeing such a boy-like figure attacking the hero incessantly truly comes off disturbing, made all the worse when he takes Philly out.


In Episode 5, "21 the Hard Way," the trio of heroes move to a more modern town, and as usual, they're off to the bar. Philly, however, wanders off and sees fruits hanging overhead in the forest. He greedily tries to pick them, only to get eaten by a giant alien Venus Flytrap. This one comes with a twist, though, as it secretes chemicals that have Philly hallucinating about women, buffets and all his heart's desires in a sauna-esque setting.

The kicker is, it's all a distraction as it keeps pouring acid on him, disintegrating his very fabric. It happens a couple of times in a very jarring series of events until the ronin known as 9ine saves him by cutting the alien open for Philly to escape.


In the sixth episode, "Unfettered," Philly takes the gang to Madura, which is deserted. But it turns into a literal ghost town when they encounter a mysterious ghoul that fed off the essence of the place. It literally drained the town of its life, and Philly befalls the same fate.

It raises a unique tree, something influenced by anime like Naruto, and attaches Philly to its branches. There, it mentally tortures him and sucks the life from Philly, making him gaunt over and over. It's a scary sight as we see him disintegrating a few times, not to mention each session as he withers away, he remembers his tortured past, including the death of his family.

Created by LeSean Thomas, Cannon Busters is now available to stream on Netflix.

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