Canete off of Ellis' 'MEK' project

Warren Ellis made the announcement today in his regular email newsletter, BAD SIGNAL, that Eric Canete would not be finishing the art chores for the previously announced project called "MEK" for DC/Wildstorm.

According to Ellis, "Due to personal and professional difficulties, EricCanete will now not be doing MEK with me. Eric is an excellent artist, andI wish him all the best as he goes back into animation. All rights have beenreturned to me, and I should have an announcement soon on who's going to doMEK with me. We're still looking at getting the book out this year, but Iseem to be cursed with books-on-pause right now."

Canete provided the following response when approached by CBR News earliertoday. "Thanks for your concern. You're the 5th or 6th person to ask aboutthis matter this morning alone and it seems like there's a more notoriousspin on it than what's actually happened. It's pretty simple. Just as Warrensaid on his message boards, I'm off the project to pursue an opportunity inanimation, an opportunity offered to me by a longtime friend. Andconsidering an animation project's expected workload it would have put MEKin a second priority slot. I believe (as did DC/Wildstorm) it deserves morethan that and an amicable solution was formed. Thusly, I was off the bookand all rights were transferred to Warren. There's nothing more about itthan that."

Canete indicated that he had been paid by DC/Wildstorm for the work on thepages he had completed to this point but could not divulge informationregarding the animation project he was leaving to work on.

"So as you can see, it's nothing major," said Canete. "I'm just leaving comics for a whileso I can do this animation thing. And like I said, I'll return soon enough.As far as what's next, it looks like this new animation project will be onmy plate for a bit. I'll shall return soon enough."

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