Canceled Batman Arkham Game Teases Damian Wayne, Poison Ivy & More

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Batman: Arkham Knight, which released in 2015, is the last we've heard of the Arkham series besides rumors. In fact, whether the next big-budget DC superhero game is going to focus on Batman at all is still a mystery, but we now have an idea of what kind of Batman game we could have gotten thanks to alleged artwork from a canceled sequel.

While there is no solid source to confirm whether this supposed concept artwork is actually from a canceled game, it's no less impressive. The environmental piece depicts Gotham City with its foggy, unsettling tone as a motorcyclist blazes through the rain-soaked streets toward a vandalized overpass that reads, "THE END IS HERE." Another environmental image highlights an unfinished Wayne Enterprises building.

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Perhaps most exciting is concept art of several villains, including Two-Face, what looks to be a female version of Black Mask, White Rabbit, Gorilla Grodd and Poison Ivy. Supposed concept art of Dick Grayson is also in the batch.

According to the original poster, the game would have been a Batman Arkham game starring Damian Wayne, though a character design of the young Robin was not shown. While it's not clear why this unannounced project was canceled, it's clear that Warner Bros. is not ready to discuss the future of the Arkhamverse.

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The Batman Arkham Trilogy developers Rocksteady Studios did not make an appearance at E3 this year and have not announced any significant details regarding its next project. 

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