Canceled 'Authority' plans revealed

Fans of DC/Wildstorm's "The Authority" have watched with great interest Internet Web sites for details of when the canceled issues #27 - #29 might be reissued. Well, the wait is over as DC Comics has revealed full plans on a release schedule for the book.

In a release issued today DC Comics announced that all three books have been rescheduled and are expected to reach comic book stores six weeks later than originally planned. As DC explained in their release, this follows certain editorial changes that were already in discussion before the September 11th attacks, but that these changes became a certainty after those attacks. The release dates are:

  • The Authority #27: In stores December 5
  • The Authority #28: In stores January 2
  • The Authority #29: In stores February 6

The intended relaunch of "The Authority" with the new creative team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Steve Dillon has been put on hold as the duo are no longer involved with the project.

"After the very real events of 9/11 and what unfortunately is yet to come, there was no way the story I had planned for 'The Authority' could be told - period," Azzarello said in the release. "This has more to do with philosophical and religious belief systems that would have been touched upon rather than the widescreen destruction and intimately graphic violence that make 'The Authority' such a unique book. Instead of watering down and drastically changing what I had planned, I decided to withdraw from the book. End of story, but not my relationship with WildStorm."

"Despite all the turmoil we're going through to find the right path for THE AUTHORITY, I'm confident that there will be new AUTHORITY projects in the future," said Jim Lee, WildStorm's Creative Director.

Additionally, as announced yesterday at the Diamond Comics Retailer Summit, "The Authority: Widescreen" one-shot has been removed from DC's publishing schedule due to concerns over the story "The Man with the Quantum Brain," written and illustrated by Bryan Hitch. The remaining story in that issue, a story featuring Apollo and Midnighter by Tom Peyer and Cary Nord as well as a pinup gallery, may see publication in another Authority special.

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