Cancel the apocalypse, Mondo has a baby Hellboy action figure

Mondo, which earlier this year celebrated Mike Mignola's signature creation with a "First Hellboy" statue, has now introduced a 1/6th-scale baby Hellboy action figure.

Developed with Mignola himself, the figure boasts six points of articulation and, as Mondo says, "the cutest lil face Hell ever spawned." Standing (or, rather, crouching) about 4 inches tall, the figure is available in two varieties: the $37 regular version, and the $40 Mondo exclusive, which comes with a removable Crown of the Apocalypse.

Both are available now for preorder, although the exclusive comes with a 72-hour ticking clock that runs out Thursday at noon Central Time. They're targeted to ship in the third quarter of 2016.

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