Canadian Retailer "The Silver Snail" Presents Larry Hama

Official Press Release

TORONTO, Ontario: (June 20th, 2006) The Silver Snail is proud to welcome LARRY HAMAto help celebrate his return to GIJOE with GIJOE: DECLASSIFIED with an in-storeappearance on Saturday, July 8th, 2006!

Larry Hama is best known for single handedly re-defining GIJOE in the 1980s. Hewrote a landmark run of 150+ issues of GIJOE for Marvel Comics and created suchcharacters as Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Destro & The Baroness (among many others!),as well as writing the infamous file cards on the backs of the toy packages. Thissummer, Larry Hama returns to the world he created with GIJOE: DECLASSIFIED #1 fromDevil's Due available now at The Silver Snail.

LARRY HAMA is a comic book legend in his own right and has worked on many of the topbooks at Marvel Comics including GIJOE, Wolverine, Elektra & The Avengers. He isalso the creator of Bucky O'Hare and Nth Man.

LARRY HAMA will be meeting fans and signing autographs at The Silver Snail, 367Queen Street West Toronto on Saturday July 8th. Mark your calendars!

About the Silver Snail

The Silver Snail is one of the oldest Comic Book retail stores in North America,born from the passion of entrepreneur Ron Van Leeuwen. The Silver Snail has been apart of the Queen West community for the 30 years it has been open, and is widelyconsidered one of the best stores in the industry.

For more information about the Silver Snail signing, please contact:

Sean Jordan or Michael Dillon


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