Canadian price incorrect on eight August titles

Press Release

Due to an error, the titles listed below were printed with the correct U.S. price of $2.75 but an incorrect Canadian price of $3.95. The correct Canadian price for each is $4.60.

DC Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors will correct this situation in two ways:

* For books with an instore date of August 7 or August 14, Canadianretailers will be issued a credit of $0.35 U.S. per copy of each title at their earned discount levels.

* For books with an instore date of August 21 or August 28, Canadianretailers will be billed at a price of $2.40 U.S.

The affected titles are:

Title /Item code / In store date

DETECTIVE COMICS #773, JUN020393, 8/7/02

THE SPECTRE #20, JUN020443, 8/7/02

HUNTER: THE AGE OF MAGIC #14, JUN020482, 8/14/02

THE POWER COMPANY #7, JUN020442, 8/14/02

YOUNG JUSTICE #48, JUN020449, 8/14/02

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #32, JUN020395, 8/21/02

CODENAME: KNOCKOUT #16, JUN020476, 8/28/02

THE TITANS #44, JUN020446, 8/28/02

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Direct Sales, DC Comics.

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