Canadian Mint Selling Collectible "Captain America: Civil War" Coins

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is far from the only cool thing Canada has going for it. The Canadian Mint has released a special set of "Captain America: Civil War" memorial coins.

The set features four 1 oz. pure silver coins: the Winter Soldier and Falcon from Team Cap and Black Panther and Black Widow from Team Iron Man. It also features two one-ounce interlocking silver battle coins featuring Captain America and Iron Man themselves.

The coins will cost you though, with a set retailing for $549.95 Canadian. Still, if you want to shell out the cash (a monthly payment plan is also available for those who don't have Tony Stark's wealth), you also get a lunchbox display case, separate collectible tins for each coin, two movie size posters and two lapel pins.

Only 3,000 sets are being sold, though, so you better act fast.

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