Canada releases new 'Star Trek' coins for 50th anniversary

In honor of the milestone the "Star Trek" series is about to hit, the Royal Canadian Mint has decided to release a series of "Star Trek"-inspired commemorative coins.

The coins feature a variety of designs, characters and coin value. The most expensive of the coins is a $200 solid gold coin that's shaped like Starfleet's Delta symbol. One side has the traditional "Star Trek" logo engraved on it, while Queen Elizabeth II decorates the other side. The Canadian Mint only made 1,500 of these, and they come in a beautiful box.

There's also a series of characters coins that feature Spock, Uhura, Kirk, and Scotty. These coins are brightly colored and carry the face value of $10. They will be released once a month, beginning this month. The Mint also created an Enterprise coin and three episode based coins. You can see a sample of the coins below and the full collection on the Trek Collective.

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