Canada Celebrates April Fools' Day With "Archival" Wolverine Paperwork

Today, the Library and Archives Canada Facebook page released a photo and paperwork documenting a notable Canadian that many might not know much about -- James "Logan" Howlett. The news release, which comes with a worn photo of Howlett as well as paperwork from the Canadian Over-Seas Expedition Force, announces the acquisition of declassified journals and military records of the Canadian supersoldier.

Born in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in 1882, Howlett's journals detail his exciting life as he mastered a number of different trades and eventually served in both World Wars and many other conflicts.

News ReleaseLibrary and Archives Canada's major acquisition of the declassified journals and military records of...

Posted by Library and Archives Canada on Friday, April 1, 2016

Of course this post is an April Fools' Day joke, as Howlett is actually the X-Man known as Wolverine and that picture is of actor Hugh Jackman, the man that's played Logan in film for the past 16 years. The attention to detail is commendable, and it's entertaining to see a solid April Fools joke like this one coming from a real Canadian government organization. Maybe next year the focus will shift towards Deadpool's declassified internet search history?

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