Can You Spot the Cuss Word on This Cover of Ka-Zar?

Note: As the question clearly involves, you know, a cuss word, you might not want to read on if you have a problem with profanity.

On the cover of Ka-Zar #1, from Marvel (a 1970 release), some people say that there is a curse word hidden on the cover.

Can you spot it?

Thanks to Patrick Dean for the gag (here's Patrick's website featuring his comic work)! I saw it on CBR and I thought I just had to pass it along to you folks.

On a serious note, if anyone knows how someone actually sneaked the word "fuck" on to the cover of Ka-Zar #1 back in 1970, I sure would like to know - I've meant to feature it as a legend for years, but I just can't find any information beyond "Someone sneaked the word "fuck" on to the cover of Ka-Zar #1 and it sure wasn't Marie Severin or John Verpooten).

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