Can <i>The Losers</i> Win This Weekend's Box Office Showdown?

With a relatively small week for new releases at the movies, comic adaptation The Losers has its best chance to take the #1 spot - or will Kick-Ass stage the comeback fans have been hoping for?

It's a very underwhelming week for new releases, with only The Losers and Jennifer Lopez comeback vehicle The Back-Up Plan (She's pregnant! And trying to win the man of her dreams! As far as high concepts for wacky romantic comedies go, this one wins the "Most Likely To Offend Its Audience" award. What, pregnant women can't be funny/attractive?) on wide release. Some are hoping that this gives Losers its best chance at success, but early reviews haven't been promising, so that leaves the chance for more last minute box office battles, a la last weekend's Kick-Ass/How To Train A Dragon tussle. Expect a lot of eyes to be on Kick-Ass this weekend in general; it's that movie's second weekend, and a chance to see if word of mouth will turn it into a sleeper hit, after all. Me, I'm wondering if Dragon is going to stage another last-minute surge and win the weekend for real this time around. But that may just be the contrarian in me.

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