Can comics cure cancer?

Not yet, but they can make you laugh while you're waiting for chemo.

Alex Simmons always has a couple of things going on. In addition to his work for Archie Comics (he wrote their big crossover event last year), he runs the annual Kids Comic Con in the Bronx, and last December he brought his Color of Comics traveling exhibit to Dakar, Senegal.

Now Simmons has found a new place for comics: a cancer center. Lenox Hill Hospital's Institute for Comprehensive Breast Care, to be precise. As Simmons says in a press release sent out yesterday:

Breast cancer effects women of all ages and races, and unfortunately, uniformly inflicts terror in those that have to face the disease head- on. Quite often children find themselves facing that fear with their mothers, some times sitting in the waiting area while she meets with a doctor.

Hospitals, as anyone who has waited in one knows, can be kind of grim. Alex wants to give everyone something to smile about, so he's planning a permanent exhibit of comics images on the walls of the center to cheer up the kids and their moms. He's looking for artists who are willing to donate original comics art or digital images that can be blown up and put on the walls. Artists who are interested in participating can find his contact info through his website.

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