Can <i>Batman Beyond</i> hook non-comics fans on digital comics?

DC Comics already has several series that go public in print and digital form on the same day, and today they announced that they are adding Batman Beyond to the mix.

It's an interesting choice, because it looks to me like DC is banking on Batman Beyond reaching, um, beyond the regular readership. In fact, they say as much in the press release:

“Batman Beyond was a critically acclaimed, fan favorite animated series that still has a large number of fans to this day,” said Hank Kanalz, SVP Digital, DC Entertainment, “By releasing the ongoing comic series digitally, we’re hoping we reach that audience and bring back any fans of the show who may be lapsed comic readers.”

Apparently last year's miniseries did pretty well; it is currently available at comiXology or the DC Comics Store for 99 cents for the first issue, $1.99 for the others.

This would seem to be a good opportunity to promote the comic outside the usual circles. As I have written before, it can be hard for non-regulars to find digital comics. This is an attractive product with a ready-made fanbase; the question is, can DC bring the two together?

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