Gotham Actor to Voice Superboy in Animated Reign of the Supermen

Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan, aka Jerome Valeska, the Proto-Joker (and his recently introduced twin Jeremiah), will play Superboy in the upcoming Reign of the Supermen film. Monaghan announced the casting on his personal Instagram with a simple picture of the red 'S' shield on a black background, calling back to Superboy's iconic t-shirt.

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In addition to that, a Twitter fan noted that the special features for the recently released Death of Superman shows Monaghan's interview that lists him as Superboy and briefly shows the Boy of Steel as he'll appear in the feature film. For fans of Kon-El, they'll be pleased to know that he looks to sport the iconic jacket and glasses combo from the '90s event.

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In the comic event of the same name released in 1993, Reign focuses on four Superman-like characters who suddenly appear and decide to adopt the mantle of the Man of Steel following Kal-El's death at the hands of Doomsday, all believing in some way or another that they are Superman. Along with Superboy, the film will feature Steel, a man borrowing Superman's nickname; Cyborg Superman and Superman villain the Eradicator.

Reign of the Supermen will release on Blu-ray and DVD in 2019.

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