Cameron And Worthington Could Reunite For Sci-Fi Movie <i>Myth</i>

James Cameron took a lengthy directing timeout between Titanic and Avatar, but fortunately for us spectacle lovers, he seems to be back on the blockbuster horse. The 2009 trip to Pandora needs little introduction, and that series is far from over. However, Cameron is still plugging away at his side gig as one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. He is said to be circling, along with Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Sam Worthington, a sci-fi action project that 20Century Fox is looking to have Will Staples pen a script for.

Cameron would executive produce while di Bonaventura and Worthington would produce (there would presumably be a role for the Avatar star as well), The Hollywood Reporter reveals. The writer Fox is said to be in "early talks" with, Will Staples, is an interesting point of attraction for the power trio of producers. He's got no feature-film writing experience -- at least, nothing that's been big enough for an IMDb credit -- but he is associated with one of the most popular titles in all of entertainment: Call of Duty. Interestingly, Worthington voiced the lead character in the video game series' most recent release, subtitled Black Ops.

Nothing has been revealed about the in-development project beyond a title, Myth, and the fact that "it's big, it's sci-fi and it's got lots of action." With names like these circling though, that ought to be enough to get you interested. I certainly am.

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