Calvin with a side of Bacon

Remember a few years ago when someone drew a comic of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) and longtime foe Susie Derkins, uh, setting aside their differences? (The comic turned out to be by an artist who goes by the handle Bob-Rz on Deviantart.)

Well people grow, people change, and now Dan and Tom Heyerman, the creators of the webcomic Pants Are Overrated, are imagining what life would be like a few years later in Calvin and Susie's household, when they have a daughter named Bacon. The first episode was just a one-off, but people reacted so well that they have posted a second comic as well, in which we see that Calvin and Susie haven't changed all that much. Will there be more? Playing in someone else's sandbox has its limits, but the Heyermans' comic manages to be both convincing and original, not an easy feat to pull off, and we'd love to see more.

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