Calvin and Susie get it on, displeasing stuffed tigers everywhere

I don't really understand the appeal of the illustrations depicting Bill Watterson's eternally 6-year-old Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, as an adult. To describe most of them as "treacly" would be kind (take this one, for example).

However, this one, which I excerpt above, strikes me as ... I don't know ... downright creepy.

I can stomach, if barely, an adult Calvin waving as his daughter goes exploring with his one-time imaginary friend Hobbes.

But a teen-age or young-adult Calvin exploring Susie Derkins -- a Susie Derkins who strips down to her bra and undies! -- while a displeased Hobbes watches?

If any moment cries out for a good, old-fashioned tiger mauling, it's that one.

Susie Derkins' bra and underwear!

(via The Ephemerist)

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