Calvin and Hobbes come to life in delightful animated fan film

Although reclusive cartoonist Bill Watterson famously resisted merchandising his beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, he at least gave some thought to an animated adaptation before -- obviously -- deciding to remain true to the medium.

"For all my admiration of the art, I really can’t decide if I ever want to see Calvin and Hobbes animated," he told The Comics Journal in 1989. "I know I’d enjoy working with the visual opportunities animation offers, but you change the world you’ve created when you change the medium in which it’s presented. Books are almost always better than the movies made from them, because there are things books do well and things movies do well, but usually those things don’t overlap."

More than 17 years after the instrumental strip ended its run, Watterson shows no sign of changing his mind. And so this animated sequence by Adam Brown (Ugly Americans) will probably be the closest we come to the real thing. It stays wonderfully true to the original Sunday strip, yet injects it with new energy. Best of all, Brown selected an installment without dialogue, so we don't have to be shocked by hearing Calvin's voice -- something Watterson himself admitted would be "very scary."

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