Call for Questions: Cup O' Video

CBR News is coming to its readership with hat in hand looking for some killer questions about Marvel Comics!

With the rise of our weekly TALK TO THE HAT column focusing on Marvel's SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort, the CBR Message Board coffers are running low on questions centered specifically on the original Marvel responder himself: Joe Quesada! And since we're all set to have the company's Chief Creative Officer on hand for a video Q&A at WonderCon, we need our readers to whip up their very best questions for the Joe and share them on the boards.

So what'cha got, gang? Wondering what Marvel's moves in TV are going to mean next? Dying to know how he interacts with publishing now that he's fully CCO? Waiting for word on some behind the scenes "Avengers" movie info? Still upset about One More Day?

Whatever your question may be, let it rip on the Official Cup O' Joe thread, and we'll pick the very best to share with Joe this weekend at WonderCon!

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