California campaign for Snoopy license plates reaches its goal

At long last the threshold has been met for California to produce official Snoopy license plates, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the state's museums and zoos.

Begun in 2010 by the California Association of Museums, the effort required California residents to preorder 7,500 plates before the Department of Motor Vehicles would go into production. With that goal achieved, any drivers interested in purchasing the plates have only until Friday to complete their orders orders. That's when the information is handed to the DMV.

Those who preorder the Snoopy plates are designated as a Beagle Backer, which earns them one-time free or discounted admitted to 86 California museums, including, naturally, the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa.

Sequential plates, bearing a drawing of Snoopy by Schulz and the slogan "Museums are for everyone," cost $50. Personalized plates are $98.ou will sport the tagline "Museums are for Everyone" and benefit museums across the state.

Don't delay. Place your order at www.snoopyplate.com before the deadline.

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