Cal McDonald Returns to IDW in March with "Supernatural Freak Machine"

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (December 28, 2004) In March 2005, your favorite hard-drinkin', hard livin', monster-hunting private dick, Cal McDonald, brings his pill-popping comic book exploits back to IDW Publishing.

Cal McDonald, the creation/alter ego of writer Steve Niles, previously appeared at IDW in novel form. Niles penned three Cal prose books, Savage Membrane, Guns, Drugs and Monsters, and Dial M for Monster. Now he's bringing Cal's comic book exploits home to IDW, too, in the form of the six-part Supernatural Freak Machine: A Cal McDonald Mystery. This time out, Cal and his ghoulish partner Mo'Lock face a prison break that signals the return of Dr. Polynice, last heard from in Savage Membrane. Throughout the course of the story, Cal also gets himself a new ride… or does the ride get its latest victim? That remains to be seen.

Niles once again teams up with artist and master craftsman Kelley Jones to bring the readers back into the twisted world of Cal McDonald, the most addled private eye ever to fill a monster full of holes.

"What I've always wanted with Cal was an artist, a partner who gets him," said Niles. "I have that now with Kelley Jones and I can't wait to see where Cal McDonald winds up."

Supernatural Freak Machine: A Cal McDonald Mystery, a full-color, six-part miniseries, debuts in March.

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