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For all of you who monitor "mainstream" media coverage of comic books, theApril 2002 issue of The Source, known as "The Magazine of Hip-Hop Music,Culture & Politics", features a half-page feature on the new CAGE seriesfrom Marvel's adult imprint, MAX Comics. Journalist EdgardoMiranda-Rodriguez calls Luke Cage "a hero to many urban youths" who'supdated his look and now sports "bubble vests, baggy jeans and Timbs." TheSource, which boasts the #1 circulation of any music magazine in America,quotes Editor Axel Alonso as saying "The new Cage is going to look like thekind of guy that's all brawn and no brains, but that's one of the things heplays to his advantage." And, in the face of an industry dominated by whitecharacters, Alonso states that "The fact that Cage hasn't had his own bookin so long seems ridiculous to me... it's time for a comic book that's ledby a Black male for a change."

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Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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