CAFU Teases New Batman In "Earth 2 Annual" #1 Pages

DC Comics has released two new pages by CAFU that tease the appearance of a new Batman in "Earth 2 Annual" #1 written by James Robinson. Revealed via the publisher's blog, The Source, the pages show a more detailed look at CAFU's take on Al Pratt, the Earth 2 Atom, as well as Earth 2's all-new Dark Knight, whose identity remains a mystery.

"He's very different," Robinson said of the character at WonderCon 2013. "I'm saying this at every interview, I really want to stress that I was reading a message board -- I try not to -- a CBR message board, actually ... and they were guessing who this Batman was going to be, various names, and some guy said -- I thought it was a quite fair remark -- 'I don't care who it is, I just don't want it to be one of those gimmicks where it's just a crazy guy for two issues and he just get killed off.' We've seen that. Marvel and DC have both done it in the past and it's always a little bit unsatisfying. I just want to stress that this is a character that will be around permanently. He's not going anywhere, he's going to have a huge impact on Earth 2 and on the whole DC Universe. This is definitely a big character we're bringing into the DC world. This isn't a gimmick."

Check out Cinar's pages below.

"Earth 2 Annual" #1 hits stores May 29

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