Cable Targets New Ongoing Series As Part Of ResurrXion

Marvel has unveiled the latest book in its upcoming "ResurrXion" line of X-Men titles: "Cable." The militaristic mutant's ongoing series follows in the footsteps of previously announced ongoings "Generation X," "Jean Grey," "Weapon X" and "Iceman." As with the previous announcements, Marvel teased the series on Twitter.


And like the previous series, the creative team for "Cable" remains unknown, although we do know it's targeting a spring 2017 release. Cable is no stranger to ongoing series, although his most recent series ended in 2010. Since then he's starred in the "Avengers: X-Sanction" event as well as the team books "Cable and X-Force," "X-Force" and, currently, "Uncanny Avengers."

The son of Cyclops and Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor, Cable was infected with the deadly techno-organic virus as an infant and taken thousands of years into the future where a cure could be found. Cable grew up in that post-apocalyptic future with one goal: kill the immortal tyrant Apocalypse that ruled Earth. As an adult, Cable traveled back to his home era and sought to bring together a group of mutants in order to take the fight to Apocalypse before the evil mutant rose to power. That group gradually mutated from the New Mutants into X-Force, a paramilitary fighting unit. Cable's war eventually grew in scope, as he became more generally heroic -- even if it was in a more "by any means necessary" style than many of his peers.

Most recently, Cable became the guardian of Hope, the first new mutant baby born after the M-Day event that saw the mutant gene almost totally erased from existence. Cable raised hope for over a dozen years, time-hopping further and further into the future in order to keep her safe. The pair eventually returned to Cable's home time, where they served on a number of X-Force rosters together. Hope's current whereabouts remain unknown, as she was last seen in a coma in "X-Force." Cable currently serves as a member of the Avengers Unity Squad and has charged himself with finding a cure for the deadly M-Pox threatening all mutant life.

"Cable" will arrive in spring 2017.

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