Cable's Story Needs Its Own Film, Not A Deadpool Sequel


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Deadpool 2, in theaters now.

Deadpool 2 is proving to be another hit for Twentieth Century Fox, and one of the major elements receiving praise from fans and critics alike is Josh Brolin's performance as the time-traveler, Cable. In Deadpool's film continuity, he left the future to eliminate Russell (Julian Dennison), a young mutant destined to become Firefist and kill Cable's family.

Ultimately, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) prevents Cable from completing his mission, and after safeguarding his family's future, Cable remains in the present with Wade Wilson, Domino and company.

But despite his role at the center of Deadpool 2's story, apart from a few snippets here and there, we don't get much insight into Cable's backstory. Talks have suggested Cable's past ordeals will be fleshed out in future Deadpool movies, but honestly, whether it's in a Deadpool threequel or an X-Force film, his origins simply won't be done justice there.

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Instead, given the depth of the character, and the potential director David Leitch has created, Cable and his untold backstory warrants a solo flick to properly introduce audiences to his rich, if somewhat confusing, history.

Cable is a complex individual but in Deadpool 2, he's been simplified from a man on a mission, to a man lost in time. That said, if his past is to be truly explored, it needs its own space, not in an ensemble film where he'll be bogged down or distracted by others. If his history is limited to mere flashbacks, it will only rob fans of what the character truly deserves.

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A film solely dedicated to his origin would do Cable immense service, properly building to the moment where he came home and found his family incinerated, which in turn inspired him to time-slide into Deadpool 2. In keeping the focus on him, Fox can dive into the many aspects of the character which are available to explore, and tell a truly riveting tale in the process.

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