Cable Fights For Hope in Action-Packed X-Men Fan Film

While fans await the arrival of Nathan Summers in the sequel to "Deadpool," everybody's favorite mutant cyborg soldier from the future has already landed a starring role in the X-Men fan short "Cable: Chronicles of Hope."

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Inspired by the 2010 Marvel Comics crossover "X-Men: Second Coming," the short film from K&K Productions follows Cable and Hope Summers as they return from the future to the present, where they encounter  -- and fairly quickly dispatch -- the paramilitary Purifiers. The two make their escape with the help of Nightcrawler, whose acrobatics and teleportation effects may be the strongest parts of a solid effort. (You can quibble with the acting, but the fight with the Purifiers alone is worth the price of admission.)

We're also treated to cameos by Bishop and the X-Men's Blackbird, both of which leave us wanting to see more. The nearly six-minute film ends on a cliffhanger, so there has to be more, right? It wouldn't be much of a "Chronicles" otherwise.

If you're looking for something to hold you over until a potential second chapter, K&K has released a nearly 12-minute behind-the-scenes video, which showcases some of the short's locations and stunts.

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