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Cable and Deadpool #49 Review

by  in Comic News Comment
Cable and Deadpool #49 Review

As you may or may not know by now, awhile back, writer Fabian Nicieza lost one half of his comic book to the various machinations that make up…THE X-MEN CROSSOVER!!! Since Cable was “killed,” Nicieza had a team-up book that did not have a team-up to star in it. The end of the book sure seemed pretty imminent, so Nicieza took the time he had to just go nuts, and the end result were some pretty entertaining comic books, where Deadpool essentially teamed up with a different Marvel hero every issue, from Wolverine to Captain America (in the past, no less!) to the Fantastic Four to Doctor Strange to Brother Voodoo to this week’s issue – Ka-Zar. Nicieza officially left the book with #48, but, in a really cool move by Nicieza, he came back to script the last two issues over artist Reilly Brown (who stepped in to plot the last two issues in Nicieza’s absence)’s plots, and boy, this latest issue is good.

In the issue, Deadpool and his cronies (his friend who makes him weapons, Weasel, and his hostage/friend, Bob, Agent of Hydra, who Deadpool “kidnapped” a number of issues ago, but is clearly having the time of his life going on a number of madcap adventures with Deadpool) set off to the Savage Land on a mission to find a mysterious power source left in the Savage Land from one of Magneto’s old plots to rule the world or some such thing.

However, when they arrive – they end up in the middle of a battle between those weird bad guys who live in the Savage Land (do they have an official name other than “the Savage Land Mutates”?) and Ka-Zar, who has been entranced by the siren-like mutate, Lorelei. She uses her wiles to entrance Deadpool, Weasel and Bob as well, but Deadpool’s way out of it (while accidental) is quite clever on Brown’s part – if only Odysseus had thought of doing it (and if only Odysseus had the healing power to pull it off)!!

The issue is filled with a lot of humorous quips, and very nice artwork by Reilly Brown, who manages to handle comedy and action without either one being given short shrift. He’s been quite a find on this title.

The ending of the issue (which I’m willing to spoil, because it is the solicited plot of the last issue) involves a bunch of dinosaurs being sent to the spot of Magneto’s last big caper, which Deadpool thought was Genosha, but was actually New York – so a bunch of dinosaurs are loose in New York City, just in time for the Avengers and Fantastic Four to be escorting a van filled with Venom symbiotes (from the recent Mighty Avengers storyline that, due to delays, isn’t actually over yet) – resulting in one of the coolest ideas in recent comic history – Venom Dinosaurs!!!!

What a way for the title to go out!


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