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C2E2: Waid’s “Daredevil” Uncovers his Mother’s “Original Sins”

by  in Comic News Comment
C2E2: Waid’s “Daredevil” Uncovers his Mother’s “Original Sins”

As a child, Matt Murdock learned the importance of getting back up after life knocks you down from his father. It was just one of the many life lessons boxer and single parent “Battling” Jack Murdock struggled to impart to his son, and it’s why he remains such an inspiring figure in Matt’s life even now, years after his death.

Matt’s still-living mother, on the other hand, plays a less prominent role in his life, though it’s not due to any animosity felt between the two. Years ago, Matt discovered his mother was still alive, living as a nun named Sister Maggie, and since then, he’s had a number of civil, and occasionally even happy interactions with her. However, she was not there for him when he needed her most, and when he discovers why in writer Mark Waid and artist Javier Rodriguez’s “Daredevil” #6, his world will be turned upside down. CBR News spoke with Waid about the issue, which kicks off a tie-in arc to Marvel Comics’ “Original Sin” event and was announced yesterday at the “Spider-Verse” panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

CBR News: Mark, one the things you’re exploring in your “Original Sin” tie-in is the relationship between Matt’s father and his mother. You’ve had time to address what Jack meant to Matt on a number of occasions, but how do you feel growing up without his mother, not to mention later discovering her to be alive and a nun, impacted Matt? Is he as close to his mother as he would like to be?

Mark Waid: Yes, that’s the long and the short of it. He bears her no animosity, he
likes her, but he doesn’t really know her at all on any familial level, and he seems fine with that. But there are sides to her revealed here that are a surprise to him.

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Are we going to discover exactly why Maggie left him and his father?

We do learn a lot more behind the reasons Grace Murdock (nee Sister Maggie) left her family. And it’s not what you and Matt might expect. In fact, the reveal just about wrecks poor Matt.

What other hints can you offer up about “Daredevil” #6-7? Is this story primarily about Matt discovering a dark secret about his parents? Or is Matt dealing with some other problems as he’s learning about and processing this discovery?

When Matt learns what he learns about his parents, he desperately needs to talk to Sister Maggie about what it all means. Unfortunately, to his shock, Maggie’s in prison, about to be extradited to a foreign country, and Matt’s never regretted more that he’s no longer allowed to practice law in New York State — because he has to do something!

This story reunites you with artist Javier Rodriguez who did a fantastic
job bringing Matt Murdock’s future to life in the recent “Daredevil” #1.50. What can we expect from Javier on this story, where Matt’s past is such a large focus?

Such humanity. Oh, my God, such humanity. Javier’s characters are just so real, they’ll break your heart.

Finally, you mentioned a foreign country earlier, which suggests to me that Daredevil will do some traveling in this story —

My question to Tom Brevoort was, “Hey, have we ever seen Daredevil in Wakanda before? Because I think we’re about to.”

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