C2E2 | Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier mini by Brubaker, Eaglesham kicks off in July

In addition to starring in Marvel's upcoming Secret Avengers title, the former Captain America is also getting a miniseries of his own. Announced yesterday at the Diamond retailer's summit in Chicago, the four-issue series, titled Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier, will be written by Ed Brubaker, naturally, with art by Dale Eaglesham (Fantastic Four). The first issue (above) features a cover by Carlos Pacheco.

"It felt like Bucky was doing a great job as Cap, fans dig him in the role [and] I enjoy writing him as Cap," Brubaker told Marvel.com. "And it occurred to me that Steve was going to get put through the wringer on his way back to the present, and may have reasons for not wanting to put the Cap uniform back on and go all public for a while, if not forever."

He added that Rogers would be operating in secret, "more like a James Bond for the Marvel Universe, operating covertly to save the world."

Border Town #4

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