C2E2: Spider-Man Enters "Civil War II" in Marvel's Latest Tie-In

As expected, there are a lot of "Civil War II" tie-ins on the way from Marvel Comics. With the June-debuting event series approaching, Marvel is set to make a second tie-in miniseries official at Diamond's retailer breakfast happening this morning, in advance of this weekend's C2E2 convention in Chicago: "Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man," a four-issue series from frequent Spidey writer Christos Gage and artist Travel Foreman.

It's been previously announced that "Civil War II" will revolve around a newly discovered Inhuman who appears to have the ability to predict the future, leading to a split between Marvel's heroes on whether or not that power should be used to stop future crime before it happens (Captain Marvel's side) or not (Iron Man's side). In "Civil War II: Spider-Man," Spidey -- Peter Parker -- will be in a position to impart some of his wisdom on the issues of power and responsibility to this new Inhuman, as long as the ol' Parker luck doesn't get in the way.

On Thursday, teasers illustrated by artist Jim Cheung indicated Spider-Man was on Captain Marvel's side in the upcoming "Civil War II" conflict, which pits Carol Danvers against Iron Man, Tony Stark. Spider-Man had a key role in 2006's original "Civil War" by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, starting on Iron Man's side before switching to Captain America's team.

"Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man" is set to debut in June, the same month as the main series by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez. More "Civil War II" tie-in information is set to be revealed throughout the weekend on C2E2, and keep reading CBR for more on the event in general and "Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man" specifically.

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