C2E2 | Mebberson gets the Muppets

Divalicious artist Amy Mebberson has taken over the interior art chores on BOOM! Kids' Muppet Show comics from Roger Langridge, and BOOM! publisher Ross Richie described her art this way: "Roger does the full cartooning mode, Amy tries to preserve the notion that the hand is inside the Muppet," which caused editor-in-chief Mark Waid to exclaim "There's a hand inside the Muppet?" BOOM!, which has been making kind of a thing of variant covers for conventions, came up with a unique idea for C2E2, the Get-A-Sketch cover: It's blank, and Amy sketches the buyer on it—as a Muppet. This requires the artist involved to be a good sport, and Amy certainly put in a lot of hours at the booth, but she always looked like she was having a good time.

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