C2E2: Marvel's "Original Sin" Reveals Angela's New Role

The latest Marvel event took its time in the spotlight Saturday at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (AKA C2E2) as the publisher's Original Sin panel welcomed a wide cast of creators to Chicago.

Editors Nick Lowe took the mic to welcome fellow editors Jordan White, Jake Thomas and Mike Marts as well as writers James Robinson and Mark Waid as things got underway.

The event just recently kicked off with "Original Sin" #0 - a prelude issue written by Waid with artist Jim Cheung that was created to put the Watcher in context before his murder throws the Marvel U into upheaval. "I'm very happy with what we came up with," Waid said. "I have a thing with big, bald guys with giant heads who know a lot about continuity. I don't know why."

Writer Jason Aaron will kick off the event proper in a few weeks, and Lowe said the format of the book will be much different than past Marvel events. "What Jason and company have put together is a murder mystery. The Marvel Universe has no idea who shot this guy who's showed up at every major event of the Marvel Universe," Lowe said, noting that the assassin has stolen the Watcher's eye which holds secrets held under wraps by all of Marvel's biggest characters. "As you'll read in 'Original Sin' #1, it falls on Nick Fury's shoulders to find out who killed the Watcher."

Running alongside the main event will be "Original Sins" - an anthology book focusing on several characters across the Marvel U and how they're affected by the book. Issue #3 will feature a Black Bolt story by Charles Soule that will tie into recent events in his "Inhuman" series.

The editor also explained that the tie-ins for the series will work differently because as sins of the heroes are revealed in the main book, the full story of those secrets will be unpacked in the heroes' monthly series. "Amazing Spider-Man" #4 and 5 will deal with the story of how "Peter Parker wasn't the only one bit by the spider that gave him his powers," Lowe said. "Where have they been since that moment? That's the story in these issues, and her name is Silk." The story will be written by Dan Slott and drawn by Humberto Ramos, and the panel promised more details on the Spider-Verse panel later today at the show.

Robinson will explore some forgotten Golden Age character's legacies in "All-New Invaders." In the book, the secret of why the original Invaders including Jim "The Human Torch" Hammond did not end World War II without dropping the bomb on Japan when they could have. The other side of this story will be the graddaughter of Golden Age Japanese heroine Golden Girl, who the writer called "a J-Pop sensation." "In America, she's known as Radiance, but in Japan she's known as Supreme Radiant Friend," he explained. The story will be drawn by Mark Lamming who has been drawing "King's Watch" at Dynamite.

That series will also have some connections to Robinson's run on "Fantastic Four" as Radiance will be interacting with the publicist who's tied to Johnny Storm. Meanwhile in "Fantastic Four," the Thing will learn that the only chance he ever had to turn back into Ben Grimm was ruined by Johnny Storm and that fact was then hidden by Johnny and Reed Richards. Robinson said that this will cause a drastic change for the Thing as it explores "whether he's going to beat them up or walk away forever...this story will tie in directly to Ben Grimm becoming a murderer. This story plays off into the next story [we do on the book.] It begins here."

Waid will also do a tie-in "Daredevil" #6 to the event in a story suggested by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada. The story will focus on Sister Maggie - the nun who helped raise young Matt Murdock when his mother left - who is currently in prison and holding on to some secrets that will redefine how Matt views himself. The story will be drawn by regular series colorist Javier Rodriquez who also drew a forward-looking story in "Daredevil" #1.50 which the writer said is key to where he and Chris Samnee are taking the book going forward.

Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu will link into the book starting in "Avengers" #29 in a story that pulls in Doctor Strange, Hyperion, Starbrand and many other massively powerful characters. "If you know anything abotu Hickman's 'Avengers' run or his 'Fantastic Four' run, he's building a huge puzzle...and this story fills in a huge corner of that story he's building," Lowe said.

Marts spoke about the "Uncanny X-Men" #23 tie-in about "The Last Will And Testament of Charles Xavier." "This document will reveal some secrets and shed huge light onto the character of Charles Xavier," the editor said. He explained that writer Brian Michael Bendis surprised the offices with his first pitch for the story, but then for weeks after would call in to say, "This story is not big enough." The story will be drawn by Kris Anka and Chris Bachelo.

Sticking with the X-Universe, "Deadpool" ties in with issue #29 by regular writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn. "We are going to reveal the secret of what happened to Deadpool's family," White said. "Deadpool's history is...well, let's say it's a little messed up." The story involves Deadpool trying to get some revenge on the vampires who have been playing into the book for a while by recruiting the 1970s version of Dazzler to battle the vamps and just going a little insane as the book is wont to do.

Duggan also will be playing with the event in "Nova" where he unpacks secrets of the Black Nova Corps and Sam Alexander's mysterious father - plotlines which were set up in the series launch by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. "It's a really, really crazy story," said Lowe. Davis Baldeon will draw the book. "One of the things in 'Original Sin' #0...is that the Watcher is one of Sam's best friends since he became Nova. The Watcher is one of the only people he's gone to talk to. So the Watcher's death will have a huge impact on him as well." Lowe stressed that this story is perhaps the best jumping on point for the series since it began.

Thomas talked about "Mighty Avengers" which will tie in to the event in May and June with issues #10 and 11. "We couldn't let Deadpool have all the flashback fun," the editor said as he promised more '70s flashback action. The story will focus on Blade and his history with the Blue Marvel and Luke Cage's father. The flashback story will set up many plotlines for "Mighty Avengers" down the road. Robinson called writer Al Ewing one of the best new writers in comics.

Lowe then announced that both "Thor" and "Loki" would tie into "Original Sin" in a story that reveals "There's another member of their family that we've never known about before...another child of Odin." The editor then just revealed that their new sister is Angela in a story by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing, drawn by Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett. "This is a story we've been building to for quite some time...ever since we brought Angela into the Marvel Universe."

The floor then opened up to fan questions where one readers asked if any villains would have secrets revealed about them. Robinson said he'll be writing a Doctor Doom story of "Original Sins." "His sin involves the corpse of the future Galactus and Mephisto," the writer said. The "Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier" story will have ramifications for the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine's factions of X-Men, but don't expect a happy reunion any time soon. Marts said the immediate fallout from the will will include "fisticuffs."

Lowe promised that Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver are back to work on their "Shield" series. Issue #5 is almost completely done, and #6 is underway. The editor promised that when the series does return to the stands, its revelations will tie back into his early stories for "Avengers."

One fan said, "I'm really happy you're using Nick Fury, Sr. in 'Original Sin'...so you're going to kill him, right?" Lowe said that the story was the first phase in Aaron's plans for him, adding, "Will he die? Maybe. This is a big Marvel event, so people do die...but it's pretty hard to kill Nick Fury. If you're a Nick Fury fan, this is the story for you. There are a lot of Marvel Universe heroes in this, but it's really his story at the end of the day."

A reader wanted to know if any of the changes revealed in "Original Sin" would be so big that they'd have to mark the characters forever - particularly if Angela's role as a daughter of Odin. Would this mean that Angela will eventually show up in the Marvel films? And is that even possible? Without committing too hard to anything happening in the films that Editorial doesn't control, Nick Lowe spoke to the issue. "I believe she is a wholly owned Marvel character," he said. "We try to tell stories that move these characters in certain ways" adding that when Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting brought back Bucky, no one ever imagined that the Winter Soldier would appear in a movie. At the same time, Joe Quesada has been instrumental in bringing Angela back, and he's a major player in the Marvel creative committee that helps shape the future of the films.

Asked whether any of the changes will be so drastic as to turn a hero into a villain, Lowe said the major changes in core series will take place in books like Avengers, Angela's role in "Thor" and others. "Will some heroes turn into villains? Maybe. But expect big changes all over." The editor added that Punisher will play a role in the "Original Sin" series, but his solo book won't tie into the action as the creative team there is still establishing their voice.

Thomas addressed a fan asking after the Young Avengers role in "Original Sins" saying that Eli Bradley won't appear, however the team will appear in every issue of the anthology series. "It's going to be sort of a bro story," Thomas said. "We'll have the guys from the Young Avengers getting involved in a pretty significant problem. They have to decide whether they want to get involved with the heroes or with a Marvel villain who's stepping in to play a pretty big part." The arc will be written by "Adventure Time" writer Ryan North.

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