C2E2: Marvel's "Dead No More" Teaser Features Familiar Faces from Spidey's Past

Marvel has provided CBR with a new "Spider-Man: Dead No More" teaser image -- which was debuted earlier today at the C2E2 retailer breakfast -- featuring several characters from Spidey's past that have long been deceased in the comics. Most notably, Uncle Ben appears in the art, front-and-centre.

The piece, by Alexander Lozano, is being used as a cover for the "Spider-Man: Dead No More" event that runs this summer.

While the characters haven't been officially identified, longtime Spider-Man readers might recognize the likes of Captain George Stacy, Jean DeWolff and many other fallen friends from the character's past in the image.

Stay tuned as more details are revealed this weekend at C2E2.

"Spider-Man: Dead No More" launches in a Free Comic Book Day special, on stands Saturday, May 7.

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