C2E2: Marvel, Bendis Considering "Jessica Jones" Comic; Talk of Kate Bishop "Hawkeye"

During the All-New All-Different panel at C2E2, Marvel said they've been considering a new "Jessica Jones" comic series -- with co-creator Brian Michael Bendis back at the helm -- and a potential Kate Bishop "Hawkeye" series.

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When a fan asked Marvel exec Tom Brevoort if a Kate Bishop solo "Hawkeye" comic has been discussed, he replied optimistically:

"There's been a lot of talk about giving her a solo book, possibly too much talk some days of the week. There are people at Marvel interested in doing that and it's a question of 'when' rather than 'if,' and I'm not giving it an absolute, but I guess that by this time next year if you haven't seen a ['Kate Bishop'] book you will have seen an announcement."

Shifting the conversation to "Jessica Jones," a fan asked if the superhero-turned-P.I. would headline her own book again -- to which Brevoort confirmed the character's upcoming appearances in "Civil War II" and the "Choosing Sides" anthology -- and noted that there's been discussions of giving Jessica Jones another ongoing, whether it be as "Alias," "Jessica Jones" or "The Pulse":

"Without saying anything, Brian Bendis in particular has been having an itch to get back to the character and he's walked me through what the next storyline would be and it's awesome," said Brevoort. "Once he's got 'Civil War II' off his back, it's not impossible that we'd say lets do a Jessica book, whether it's 'Jessica Jones' or 'Alias' or 'The Pulse' of we come up with another name for it. Definitely something we want to do, that's more certain than the Kate Bishop book."

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It sounds like both series are promising -- "Jessica Jones" especially -- but as of yet nothing has been confirmed.

Additional reporting from C2E2 by Brett White.

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