C2E2: Jason Momoa and Finn Jones Make Their Picks For the Iron Throne

What do you do with a guest who’s dropped the microphone repeatedly? Wrap the mic in layers of bubble wrap and tape, and include note asking the guest not to drop the microphone.

A mic matching that description was handed to Jason Momoa Sunday at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo for his panel with Finn Jones. The actor, who’ll be seen next year as Aquaman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” had dropped his microphone at least three times during a previous panel, so convention organizers wanted to take precautions. It didn't deter Momoa as he and Jones discussed their "Game of Thrones" characters Khal Drogo and Loras Tyrell.

Unlike Momoa, Jones is still working on the hit HBO fantasy drama, as Loras is alive and kicking. However, his status could change in an instance. Jones didn't reveal anything about the current season of "Game of Thrones,” and insists he's in the dark about the future.

"We know nothing,” he said. “We find out when we get the scripts. We're waiting as much as you guys are."


Momoa reflected on his approach to playing the Dothraki warlord Drogo. “I took a lot of different things to create Drogo. One of them – I studied silverbacks, because I’m not very kingly and I don't hold myself that way,” he said. “Silverbacks have such confidence.

“I built my voice around [a mix of] Jabba the Hutt and Fozzie Bear,” the actor added, saying “wocka wocka” as Fozzie and then speaking Huttese. “You’ve got Drogo.”

He said if Drogo were still alive, the series wouldn't have lasted long because the Khal would have taken action. "If it went to the second season, it would be done,” he declared. “I cross the water, I kill everyone, I put her [Daenerys] on the fucking throne." Done and done.

While neither actor knows how “Game of Thrones” will end, each has a theory. Momoa joked the prophecy Mirri Maz Duur shared with Daenerys in Season 1 will come true, and Drogo will come back and kill everyone. Jones thinks Bran Stark will learn how to walk again and how to control dragons through his mind.


"I'd like to see the throne be dissolved and have it not be about the throne and [be about] giving power back to the individual nations and having a small council trying to keep the peace and have a more democratic thing in Westeros," Jones said. If anyone does end up on the Iron Throne, Jones hopes it's Bran while Momoa wants it to be Daenerys.

As for what they’re thinking about as they get into character, Jones joked he's just wondering what's for lunch. "You allow the scene to work for you,” he offered. “It's about finding the character within rather than without and being truthful to the storyline as a whole."

For fight scenes, he has stunt doubles. "I just eat pizza and let the stunt guys do it for me,” Jones said.


Momoa revealed he would say some different lines to get his voice ready or amp himself up if it's a physical scene.

As Jones can't see into the future, he has no idea whether Loras will live or die from episode to episode. He said that uncertainty comes with its own challenges: "It's kind of annoying because you want to know the arc of your character. It's frustrating because you want to know if you'll have work or not. You play it from moment to moment."

He's still early in his career so he didn't have a response for an audience question about dream roles, but Momoa replied, "I have one right now. I just got it. Hopefully you'll know more in the next two weeks. It's a genre I’ve always wanted to do."

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