C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: Swierczynski Saves American History in "Deadpool Vs. X-Force"

Marvel's virtually unkillable -- and unshuttupable -- mercenary isn't exactly a hero these days, but Deadpool has come a long way since Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld first introduced him to the world -- he has recently won the friendship and respect of Captain America, after all! However, when Wade Wilson was unleashed on comics fans in 1991's "New Mutants" #98, he was even more reckless and irresponsible than he is today. Frankly, the Marvel Universe is just lucky he never found himself in possession of any time travel or doomsday devices, or he could have altered reality and history in some dangerous ways.

That's where July's four-issue "Deadpool Vs. X-Force" miniseries comes into play. Writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Pepe Larraz will take readers back to Wade Wilson's early days, revealing that such a scenario almost happened. We spoke with Swierczynski about the project ,which was announced today at Marvel's "Wolverine: 3 Months to Die" Panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. The series finds Cable and the original incarnation of X-Force traveling back in time in a desperate attempt to prevent Deadpool from unravelling the very fabric of American history.

CBR News: It's been about three years since your last Marvel project, and with "Deadpool Vs. X-Force" you're coming back to two characters you know pretty well in Cable and Deadpool. How does it feel to return to Marvel and those two characters?

Duane Swierczynski: In a way, this miniseries is sort of like time travel for me -- I actually started scripting this three years ago, but then it was put on the back-burner. When I picked up the scripts again, I had two reactions! 1: Wow, was my head in a weird place three years ago, and 2: Damn, it's going to be fun to have Deadpool knocking around with Cable again. My run on "Cable," if you recall, ended with Deadpool doing a sort-of weird non-team-up with his old pal (spoiler: Cable had died), so it was great fun to trace the relationship back to the very beginning.

The other characters in your story, of course, are the titular members of X-Force, and I understand that this is the original incarnation of the group. What do you find most interesting about this particular line up of X-Force? Are there certain members that you find especially intriguing?

The outfits, for one thing. Pouches! Shoulder pads! But the fun of this original incarnation is how earnest they were about their missions -- with Deadpool being pretty much the opposite. The funny thing is, I've written about a lot of this team already in "Cable" and other Deadpool comics, including Cannonball and Domino. In a weird way, it felt like getting the band back together.

Let's move from characters to the story you're telling with them. What is "Deadpool Vs. X-Force" about? And since this story involves time travel, what can you offer up about some of the historical eras you plan on visiting in this series?

Before Deadpool and Cable met in "New Mutants" #98, there was an earlier meeting. One that has been scrubbed from their memory banks -- and for a very good reason. Deadpool has taken an assignment he shouldn't have, and as a result, he's pretty much burning down the fabric of American history. (Ooopsie.) Cable and X-Force decide to set things right, even if it means their own destruction.

We open in 1777, at the height of the American revolution, with a lone Colonial soldier facing impossible odds. Only, of course, that's no Colonial. It's a goofball mercenary in a red-and-black mask, and he's not exactly taking orders from George Washington --

Artist Pepe Larraz is bringing your story to life. What's it been like, collaborating with him?

Pepe's amazing -- his pages are so incredibly kinetic and action-packed. I couldn't have asked for a better storytelling partner on this one. I threw some really weird things into this series, and Pepe's tackling each one without blinking. I'm astonished at his range.

It's really fun to be writing Deadpool again -- especially now that my son is now a big fan of his. So I'm glad this story about ravaging through time survived the -- uh, ravages of time.

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